International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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Jan Patočka: perché il movimento?

Marco Barcaro

pp. 223-248


The movement has great signifcance for all philosophical problems, both metaphysical and epistemological. In the first part of this article I would like to show how Patočka takes up some theoretical knots of this problem in four essays on Aristotle. These texts explain movement as a fundamental ontological factor. They therefore link it to ontology. In the second part, however, I will use a contribution by Chiurazzi to show that the same theme was in fact also present in the ancient thought of Plato, who was criticised by Aristotle. In the conclusion, I will try to summarise some common ideas about movement, all of which confirm the centrality of a dynamic ontology, and show the richness of the consequences of this approach. One of the most important results is that the basis of movement coincides with what makes life itself possible. In this way, dynamis becomes the very basis of reality itself.

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Published in:

Barcaro Marco, Duicu Dragoş (2024) Ontology and phenomenology of movement. Metodo 11 (2).

Pages: 223-248

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.11.2.223

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Barcaro Marco (2024) „Jan Patočka: perché il movimento?“. Metodo 11 (2), 223–248.