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Diagrams - images in the form of texts

Maria Lai, Tying oneself to the mountain

Tiziana Migliore(University of Urbino)

pp. 143-180


The present contribution intends to outline diagrams in the process of their becoming and as the result of live-action gestures between people. It aims to demonstrate that diagrams are images produced in form of “texts”, that is in form of any interweaving of relations. After a re- reading of the notions of “image” and “text”, our article highlights the continuities of Peirce's views on the diagram, as a not only verbal function, into Deleuze and Guattari's theory, and provides a closer look at Wittgenstein's idea that diagrams are indissociable from their use. A semiotic analysis of Maria Lai's work of art Legarsi alla montagna (1981, To Tie Oneself To the Mountain) will show this recurrent dimension of performativity in diagrams, revealing the extent to which they create not general relations, but social and intersubjective ones.

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Published in:

Dondero Maria Giulia, La Mantia Francesco (2021) Diagrammatic gestures. Metodo 9 (1).

Pages: 143-180

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.9.1.143

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Migliore Tiziana (2021) „Diagrams - images in the form of texts: Maria Lai, Tying oneself to the mountain“. Metodo 9 (1), 143–180.