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De la pratique mathématique à la philosophie des pratiques

le geste diagrammatique entre théorème et morphogenèse

Fabien Ferri(University of Burgundy Franche-Comté)

pp. 97-118


We argue that the diagram is the equivalent of the Kantian schema, i.e. the translation into time and space of a meaning, and therefore of a concept, which would otherwise be empty. Understood as a schematic structure materialized in a support, the diagram is the explicitation of the meaning of the concept understood as a guide to action. We show why the class of judgements made by diagrammatic intuition (i.e. by an intuitive perception mediated by the manipulation of a diagram) is equivalent to that of the "steps" - the expression is Peirce's – used to produce a theorem. Such an analysis allows us to argue in favour of the thesis that the schematism at work in the organic production of form is fundamentally diagrammatic in nature, which is why we speak of a diagrammatic schematism of morphogenesis.

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Published in:

Dondero Maria Giulia, La Mantia Francesco (2021) Diagrammatic gestures. Metodo 9 (1).

Pages: 97-118

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.9.1.97

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Ferri Fabien (2021) „De la pratique mathématique à la philosophie des pratiques: le geste diagrammatique entre théorème et morphogenèse“. Metodo 9 (1), 97–118.