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The phenomenological attitude allows us to grasp something that happens before (a priori) the distinction between subject and object. The application to groups of human beings in a clinical and therapeutic context of the phenomenological setting allows us, in spite of its descriptive-contemplative aura, the extreme richness of potentialities, applicative and transformative, of one of the greatest intuitions of modern thought: the disappearance of the fracture between the subject, the others and the world-of-life, in the evidence of meaning that the mutual experience of one's own presence or being-there (Dasein) opens up. The Mitsein (being-with) doesn’t represent the only existential structure that makes the Dasein able to exist with others, but the relationship between the ‘originary temporality’ of the Dasein and the other as ‘you’. Dasein is that entity that is structurally “with” others. And it is in this relationship dynamic that unfolds the theme of the care (Sorge). Care becomes for Heidegger the existential of the existentials, fundamental ontological structure, indicating the original opening of being. Being-with-in-loving could consist in the atmosphere (mood o Stimmung), a kind of well-being which these flow-experiences, relatively rare in everyday life, are immersed in.

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Guccinelli Roberta, Iocco Gemmo (2020) Positive feelings on the border between phenomenology, psychology and virtue ethics. Metodo 8 (2).

Pages: 167-206

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.8.2.167

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Di Petta Gilberto, Tittarelli Danilo (2020) „La via patica alla cura: la noità-degli-amanti“. Metodo 8 (2), 167–206.