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L'incanto della natura

Husserl e il naturalismo "aristotelico" di McDowell

Danilo Manca

pp. 143-163


What does “natural” mean in Husserl’s phenomenology? Would it be something of an exaggeration to claim that there is a kind of phenomenological naturalism? To answer these questions, I will compare Husserl’s rediscovery of the “lifeworld” and McDowell’s call for a partial re-enchantment of nature. My aim is to show that the mechanicistic approach to nature criticized by Husserl does not consider organic life as an essential component of nature. However, the Aristotelian idea that a mature human being is a rational animal recaptured by McDowell’s naturalism lets us to think that the first level of an ontology of the lifeworld coincides with a phenomenology of organism.

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Published in:

Summa Michela, Giuffrida Pietro (2013) Naturalism and subjectivity. Metodo 1 (2).

Pages: 143-163

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.1.2.143

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Manca Danilo (2013) „L'incanto della natura: Husserl e il naturalismo "aristotelico" di McDowell“. Metodo 1 (2), 143–163.