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Machenschaft y reificación

Una aproximación crítica desde Heidegger y Adorno

César Gómez Algarra(Universidad de Valencia - Université Catholique de Louvain)

pp. 361-388


In recent years, the concept of reifcation has sparked new interest among scholars, particularly in the domain of contemporary critical theory (A. Honneth, H. Rosa, etc.). Authors discussing reifcation usually mention Heidegger, but this is often limited to his major work, Being and Time. In this paper, though, I focus on machination (Machenschaft), a fundamental concept that appears in Heidegger’s posthumous texts of the 1930s. Using this concept, Heidegger tries to elucidate how modernity has emptied the meaning of Being of its efective reality (Wirklichkeit). I frst show how the notion of Machenschaft ofers a new perspective on reifcation and how it opens up a historical-metaphysical approach to Heidegger’s other key concepts. To complete this analysis, the second section uses Adorno’s critique in Negative Dialectics to interpret the concept of Machenschaft-reifcation, clarifying its limits and the fruitful possibilities it ofers.

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Published in:

Jurga Saulius, Kavoulakos Konstantinos (2021) Reification. Metodo 9 (2).

Pages: 361-388

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.9.2.361

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Gómez Algarra César (2021) „Machenschaft y reificación: Una aproximación crítica desde Heidegger y Adorno“. Metodo 9 (2), 361–388.