International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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Mediational contents as propositional constituents

Carlos Mario Márquez Sosa

pp. 265-310


The objectives of the present paper are, firstly, to question the conception according to which propositional constituents are exhausted by the assignment of referential contents. Secondly, to argue that introducing the notion of mediational content is useful to provide a theory of meaning for expressions of a natural language. In order to achieve those objectives, I address the following issue: in what sense are mediational contents relevant to the determination of truth-conditions and to compose assertions?

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Published in:

Stone Richard, Morisato Takeshi (2019) Mediation. Metodo 7 (2).

Pages: 265-310

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Márquez Sosa Carlos Mario (2019) „Mediational contents as propositional constituents“. Metodo 7 (2), 265–310.