International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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The mediating character of sign

philosophy as translation

Marcello Ghilardi

pp. 203-224


To put it in Peirce's words, philosophy is an act of semiosis. Interpretation, communication, and mediation are at the core of the philosophical enterprise. Mediation in a wide sense is indeed a constitutive character of human experience. If, at the core of our philosophical research, we focus on the so-called issue of cross-cultural and intercultural thought, in which the necessity of translation springs immediately up from the necessity to understand different languages and different systems of signs, the question of mediation reveals itself to be a crucial one. Immediacy itself, whenever it is thought, reveals itself to be something mediated by our language: but what separates and requires mediation is also what connects, and binds together different elements in order to allow them communicate.

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Published in:

Stone Richard, Morisato Takeshi (2019) Mediation. Metodo 7 (2).

Pages: 203-224

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Ghilardi Marcello (2019) „The mediating character of sign: philosophy as translation“. Metodo 7 (2), 203–224.