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Transsexualität nach Jacques Lacan

Singularität als Möglichkeit im Ausgang von einer Unmöglichkeit

Ulrike Kadi

pp. 141-169


Among various changing views on sex and gender, transsexualism, theoretically as well as clinically, raises a paradoxical issue: transsexual subjects seem to confirm something that they simultaneously disclaim or, at least, destabilize with their transition. These days psychoanalysis remains rather critical towards transsexualism. Jacques Lacan has developed several theories on sex and gender, reworking them during the course of his lifetime. That is why his work includes possibilities of understanding transsexual phenomena at the level of singular solutions that he himself, especially with respect to some of his earlier cases, has not been able to formulate.

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Published in:

Grohmann Till, Kristensen Stefan (2019) Self and singularity. Metodo 7 (1).

Pages: 141-169

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.7.1.141

Full citation:

Kadi Ulrike (2019) „Transsexualität nach Jacques Lacan: Singularität als Möglichkeit im Ausgang von einer Unmöglichkeit“. Metodo 7 (1), 141–169.