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Intenzionalità vs. testualismo debole

Raffaela Giovagnoli(Lateran Pontifical University)

pp. 91-100


The original and thoughtful book of Maurizio Ferraris Documentalità. Perché è necessario lasciar tracce introduces a form of “weak textualism” to explain the constitution of social objects. I’ll briefly present some basic points of Ferraris’ account to establish a comparison with John Searle’s classical notion of “collective intentionality”. Ferraris addresses interesting criticisms to the so called “naive realism” characterizing Searle’s philosophical enterprise. Nevertheless, I think that “weak textualism” represents a partial analysis of the constitution of social reality that requires rather the consideration of the relationship between intentionality and communication.

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Published in:

(2012). A partire da Documentalità. Rivista di estetica 50.

Pages: 91-100

DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1470

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Giovagnoli Raffaela (2012). Intenzionalità vs. testualismo debole. Rivista di estetica 50, pp. 91-100.