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Tra Lichtenstein e Warhol

Il pop fiabesco di Ugo Nespolo

Tiziana Andina

pp. 75-80


Pop Art is one of the most prominent artistic movement of the Nineteenth century whose legacy is very influent also in this century. After a brief historical reconstruction of the origins of Pop Art in Great Britain and in the United State, the paper will offer a comparison between the Warholian way of interpreting Pop Art — a realistic way — the Lichtensteinian way, which is fantastic, and the personal interpretation offered by Ugo Nespolo whose Pop is fabulist and fabulous.

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Published in:

(2015). Nespolo e la filosofia. Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento).

Pages: 75-80

DOI: 10.4000/estetica.2279

Full citation:

Andina Tiziana (2015). Tra Lichtenstein e Warhol: Il pop fiabesco di Ugo Nespolo. Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento), pp. 75-80.