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Colloquio tra Giorgio Barberio Corsetti e Pietro Montani

Roma, 20 settembre 2015

Giorgio Barberio Corsetti Pietro Montani

pp. 19-28


The conversation between Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Pietro Montani, led by Dario Cecchi, focuses on some of the principal aspects of the career and work of Paolo Rosa and Studio Azzurro, by making reference also to the occasion when the director and the philosopher met the artist and his team. Of such an artistic path, they have been particularly emphasized the interest for the dialogue among different artistic languages (theatre, video art); the attention to the way images are able to refresh the meaning of action and word within theatre and performing arts generally speaking; the relationship between art and technics in the perspective of a “poetic” (or better “poietic”) use of technologies and media; the importance given to the public (ethical and political) dimension of images and art installations, able to working through the sense of belonging to a community.

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Published in:

(2016). Intermediality and interactivity. Rivista di estetica 63.

Pages: 19-28

DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1244

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Barberio Corsetti Giorgio, Montani Pietro (2016). Colloquio tra Giorgio Barberio Corsetti e Pietro Montani: Roma, 20 settembre 2015. Rivista di estetica 63, pp. 19-28.