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L'immanence sémiotique

perception ou sémioception?

Waldir Beividas

pp. 165-184


This text proposes to defend the concept of immanence of L. Hjelmslev. I indicate an epistemological crossroads where the European semiotic theory is, requiring him a clear choice: (i) it must remain in its linguistic tradition in the immanent order of language, or (ii) it will eventually embrace phenomenological philosophy, or (iii) it will lean toward the naturalistic and materialistic research that characterizes neurocognitiviste science. I support the hypothesis that it must remain in their field of immanence of language, especially because Saussure opens a real discursive epistemology witch can and should compete with transcendental reflection of phenomenological philosophy, as well as with scientific epistemology of the hard sciences. The origin of this discursive epistemology is the Semiology of Saussure, which leads me to propose the concept of sémioception. I present it as a rival and competitor of the concept of "perception" prevailing in Merleau-Ponty’s theory and the concept of enaction of Varela that feeds cognitive reflections.

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Published in:

Bondì Antonino, La Mantia Francesco (2015) Phenomenology and semiotics. Metodo 3 (1).

Pages: 165-184

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.3.1.165

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Beividas Waldir (2015) „L'immanence sémiotique: perception ou sémioception?“. Metodo 3 (1), 165–184.