International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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L'idea della riduzione

Le riduzioni di Husserl - e il loro comune senso metodologico

Dieter Lohmar

pp. 1-20


We present the Italian translation of a well-known contribution of Dieter Lohmar on the problem of phenomenological reduction which first appeared in German under the title Die Idee der Reduktion. Husserls Reduktionen und ihr gemeinsamer, methodischer Sinn (in Die erscheinende Welt. Festschrift für Klaus Held, hrsg. von H. Hüni und P. Trawny, Duncker&Humblot, Berlin 2002). The different reductive strategies in the Husserlian works are traced back to a common model that shows continuity and progress of the phenomenological method from what Lohmar identifies as a reduction to the reeller Bestand up to the transcendental, primordial, life-worldly forms of reduction.

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Published in:

Altobrando Andrea, Pugliese Alice (2013) On phenomenological method. Metodo 1 (1).

Pages: 1-20

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.1.1.6

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Lohmar Dieter (2013) „L'idea della riduzione: Le riduzioni di Husserl - e il loro comune senso metodologico“. Metodo 1 (1), 1–20.