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Expression and signification

The logicist trend in modern linguistics

Rozalia Šor

Translated by Patrick Flack

pp. 15-44


The present text is a translation of Šor's original Russian article, Vyraženie i značenie (Logističeskoe napravlenie vsovremennoj lingvistike), published in 1927 in the first volume ofthe Učenye zapiski instituta jazyka i literatury RANION [Scholarly Journal of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Russian Association of Research Institutes in Social Sciences]. An implicit commentary of Edmund Husserl's First Logical Investigation,Šor's text not only casts light on the particularities of the reception of Husserl's phenomenology and philosophy of language in Russia, it also underlines the theoretical diversity of the influential Russian contributions to the epistemological re-foundation of linguistics and the language sciences in the early 20th Century. In particular by bringing to the fore instructive divergences between Husserl, Špet and Jakobson, it offers clear insights into the entangled relationship between phenomenology, the still nascent paradigm of structural linguistics and the psychologistic German traditions of the 19th Century.

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Published in:

Aurora Simone, Flack Patrick (2016) Phenomenology and linguistics. Metodo 4 (2).

Pages: 15-44

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.4.2.15

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Šor Rozalija Osipovna (2016) „Expression and signification: The logicist trend in modern linguistics“. Metodo 4 (2), 15–44.