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Un matrimonio semplice semplice

Esperimenti di ontologia sociale (una commedia vera)

Ivo Kara-Pešić

pp. 115-121


What happens when people born in a “non-existing” country are faced with Italian burocracy? What happens if they want to get married? This short paper discusses, in a humorous way, some serious problems of our everyday social life made of documents, stamps, statements, licences, certificates, the immense realm where esse est scribi is a basic principle. What comes to light is that documents and data they posess determine our lives in a crucial way, and when they are not updated the past seems to master the present.

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Published in:

(2012). A partire da Documentalità. Rivista di estetica 50.

Pages: 115-121

DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1474

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Kara-Pešić Ivo (2012). Un matrimonio semplice semplice: Esperimenti di ontologia sociale (una commedia vera). Rivista di estetica 50, pp. 115-121.