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Du virtuel à l'actuel, les diagrammes et leurs gestes

Mathématique et physique. Peinture. Littérature

Noëlle Batt(Paris University 8)

pp. 35-66


The purpose of the article is to study the use of diagrams and their associated gestures in three diferent reals : mathematics and physics, painting and literature. An example will be ofered for each realm, borrowed from a specialist’s study. The reference book for mathematics and physics will be Gilles Châtelet’s book Les Enjeux du mobile. And the detailed diagrams will be Cauchy and Poisson's and Oresme's. The reference books for painting will be: Francis Bacon. Une logique de la sensation, which is Gilles Deleuze’s theory of the diagram based on the painter Francis Bacon’s declarations to David Sylvester. As for Literature, after considering two statements by Paul Valéry on the conditions of literary creation, I shall defend my own thesis on the diagrammatic dimension of the literary text. The specifc gestures associated in each case to the use of diagrams will be analysed and compared.

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Published in:

Dondero Maria Giulia, La Mantia Francesco (2021) Diagrammatic gestures. Metodo 9 (1).

Pages: 35-66

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.9.1.35

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Batt Noëlle (2021) „Du virtuel à l'actuel, les diagrammes et leurs gestes: Mathématique et physique. Peinture. Littérature“. Metodo 9 (1), 35–66.