International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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Experience as mediation

body and language as prototypical medial environments

Antonino Bondì

pp. 177-202


In this paper, we will focus on the implications of, and relationships between, the concepts of mediation and media. We will focus in particular on the notion of body and linguistic practice as complex actors of mediation between the world and subjective engagements. In the post-phenomenological traditions, the critical theory of Harmut Rosa, and Citton's media studies, it has been pointed out that body and language represent the very prototypes of the construction of media as sensible, affective and formal environments. Thus, the body and language as mediums obey two criteria that seem typical of any anthropologically located technology: they are prostheses that amplify experience and, at the same time, create specific environments which inaugurate ecological diversification.

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Published in:

Stone Richard, Morisato Takeshi (2019) Mediation. Metodo 7 (2).

Pages: 177-202

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Bondì Antonino (2019) „Experience as mediation: body and language as prototypical medial environments“. Metodo 7 (2), 177–202.