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Transzendentalität und Generativität

Alexander Schnell(Wuppertal University)

pp. 153-183


In this contribution I would like to put forward an original project for a transcendental philosophy or a transcendental phenomenology that takes seriously the concept of the “transcendental” in so far as it is centered on the idea of “conditioning” (in so doing, I likewise seek to answer some critical questions concerning this concept in Kant and Husserl). This newly founded transcendental phenomenology will be developed as a “generative phenomenology” that links my previous attempt at a “constructive phenomenology” (which had introduced the concept of a “phenomenological construction” in a non-Heideggerian and non-Finkian way) to my earlier attempt at a “speculative transcendentalism” (where I had already distinguished between Kantian and Husserlian transcendentalisms). This project is not limited to internal considerations within the tradition of transcendentalism, but extends to discussion of a host of contemporary “new realisms.”

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Published in:

Altobrando Andrea (2015) On the transcendental. Metodo Special Issue 1.1.

Pages: 153-183

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.s1.1.153

Full citation:

Schnell Alexander (2015) „Transzendentalität und Generativität“. Metodo 1.1, 153–183.