International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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Le figural entre imagination et perception

Valeria De Luca

pp. 199-220


Whereas in semiotics we have tried to account for the activity of the figurative dimension of meaning as a coherent text deformation, in other knowledge fields, the study of figures of speech and of images, have led to an original design of “figural” as a full dimension of cultures. Whether it was a matter of the relationship between saying and seeing or of the nature and power of images, the “figural” has been designed as a device able to move the boundaries between: speech and desire, rhetoric and esthesia, reality and reference, between the subjectal constitution and the phenomenal donation, between the singular expression as semiotic praxis and stabilization of values ​​over time.

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Published in:

Bondì Antonino, La Mantia Francesco (2015) Phenomenology and semiotics. Metodo 3 (1).

Pages: 199-220

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.3.1.199

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De Luca Valeria (2015) „Le figural entre imagination et perception“. Metodo 3 (1), 199–220.