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Subjektivität, geschichtliche Praxis und Naturerkenntnis

Überlegungen zu einer kritischen Theorie des Subjekts

Michael Städtler

pp. 215-229


Aim of this paper is to defend the modern principle of subjectivity against its contemporary contextualizations. Maintaining that the criticism on subjectivity does indicate a contrast between rationally constituted subjectivity and non-rational or irrational external conditions of being a subject, the intention is to mediate the idealistic concept of pure subjectivity and the contextualist destruction of subjectivity. “Subjectivity” will be understood as an epistemological rather than as an empirical concept. Nevertheless, it will be argued that such a concept can only be defined within the subject-object-relation, basically the relation of knowledge and nature. This relation, and even the philosophical concept of nature, will be interpreted in connection with their historical form, yet without confusing genesis with validity. Thus, it will be possible to conceptualize subjectivity in the context of natural conditions without reducing it in a naturalist way. On the contrary, a critical turn of the principle of subjectivity towards its external conditions will be provided.

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Published in:

Summa Michela, Giuffrida Pietro (2013) Naturalism and subjectivity. Metodo 1 (2).

Pages: 215-229

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.1.2.215

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Städtler Michael (2013) „Subjektivität, geschichtliche Praxis und Naturerkenntnis: Überlegungen zu einer kritischen Theorie des Subjekts“. Metodo 1 (2), 215–229.