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Order in the Twilight unites phenomenological methodology with recent work on the theory of order, normativity, and dialogue, as well as structuralism and Gestalt theory. Philosophically stringent, it expresses a more optimistic attitude than much modern philosophy, especially deconstruction. Waldenfels passes the question of order through numerous defining aspects, and concludes that there is not one global order, but rather various conflicting domains of order. Whenever the boundary of a vital or experiential domain is crossed, a discourse speaks at the boundary, not about it, and across a threshold without abolishing it. The rest is rationalization, i.e., an attempt to find a place in the respective order for what is to-be-ordered. But why, the author concludes, should a theory be more unambiguous than reality?

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Publisher: Ohio University Press

Place: Athens, OH

Year: 1996

Pages: 181, xxvi

Series: Series in Continental Thought

Series volume: 24

ISBN (hardback): 9780821411681

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Waldenfels Bernhard (1996). Order in the twilight, transl. D. Parent, Ohio University Press, Athens, OH.