International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

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Phénoménologie et linguistique

un entrelacs

Antonino BondìDavid PiotrowskiYves-Marie Visetti

pp. 267-307


For this issue of Metodo inviting us to conjoin linguistics and phenomenology, we wish to briefly retracesome of the dimensions that seem to define their both delicate and essential relations. We will do so not in a doxographical or historical fashion, but by working towards a clarification, from our positions in the field of the language sciences, of the necessary intrication of their theoretical stakes. This clarification can lead to a marked reorientation of both phenomenology and linguistics, right up to their conceptual origins. To that end, it seems necessary to us to situate our interrogation in a space where phenomenological reflection immediately meets the semiotic perspective – understood here in its broad sense as going beyond the fact of language and languages or the reanimation of any already instituted signs in order to consider a sort of primordial semioticity that is always imminent in experiences themselves oriented, solicited and borne by semiogeneses.

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Published in:

Aurora Simone, Flack Patrick (2016) Phenomenology and linguistics. Metodo 4 (2).

Pages: 267-307

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.4.2.267

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Bondì Antonino, Piotrowski David, Visetti Yves-Marie (2016) „Phénoménologie et linguistique: un entrelacs“. Metodo 4 (2), 267–307.