Intersubjectivity and Recognition

Table of Contents


Intersubjectivity and Recognition PDF
Elisa Magrì, Danielle Petherbridge


Recognition and Intersubjectivity in Hegel's Philosophy PDF
Paul G. Cobben
Sartre’s Original Insight PDF
Sebastian Gardner
Asymmetrical Reciprocity. From Recognition To Responsibility and Back PDF
Steffen Herrmann
The Phenomenology of the Social World: Husserl on Mitsein as Ineinandersein and Füreinandersein PDF
Dermot Moran
Elementary Recognition and Empathy: A Husserlian Account PDF
James Jardine
Habermas and the ‘Presupposition’ of the Common Objective World PDF
Matheson Russell
Souls of the Departed. Towards a Phenomenology of the After-Life PDF
Nicholas De Warren
Scheler on Shame: A Critical Review PDF
Daniel O. Dahlstrom
Intersubjectivity, Recognition and Right: a reading of Arendt through Fichte. PDF
Emily Hartz
Il riconoscimento e la possibilità del dire in E. Lévinas [Recognition and the Possibility of Telling in E. Levinas] PDF
Julia Ponzio

The Paths of Method

Eugen Fink e la fenomenologia dell'irrealtà [Eugen Fink and the Phenomenology of Irreality] PDF
Nicola Zippel

Reviews and Comments

Il soggetto parlante tra strutturalismi e fenomenologie. Recensione a M. De Palo, Saussure e gli strutturalismi, Carocci 2016 PDF
Simone Aurora

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