Giustizia e generazioni. In chiave fenomenologica

Mario Vergani


The article aims at analyzing and connecting the ideas of justice and generations in a phenomenological perspective beyond the classical approaches (Rawls, Parfit, Jonas). It suggests a shift from the concept of generations to those of generating and generativity in a phenomenological sense. The debate involves different philosophical positions (including Dilthey, Schutz, Mannheim, Ortega, Heidegger and Ricoeur) about the main distinction ‘contemporaneity/not-contemporaneity’. At the end, the essay proposes a confrontation between phenomenology (Husserl) and philosophies of the otherness (Levinas, Derrida and Waldenfels), discussing three basic ideas: temporalization, historicity and generating of generations.


Phenomenology; Ethics; Generations; Historicity; Temporalization.

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